Gourvid is a company located in the United Kingdom, founded by Argentine partners. Our goal is to act as a link between South American companies, that want to position their products in Europe, and the different arrangements that adjust properly to the winery’s development: Importation, distribution, online trading, etc. We highlight two products among our diverse product line-up: Wines and Food.



Gourvid's purpose is to facilitate the exportation, distribution and promotion of the products of our strategic partners within the European Continent. We focused on interpreting the needs and requirements of both our associates and the target market. This way we help to promote an easier trading insertion of the products we represent.




We have the honor and responsibility to work not only with some of the best wineries in the world but also with potential future leaders who trusted us with their exclusive representation in certain countries of the European continent.

The wineries were selected carefully, seeking mainly for a strong export profile and awareness of the importance of generating long-term international relationships. Secondly, the search is oriented to the quality of its wines and the reference price. Finally, it is intended that the combination of the small number of wineries we represent, must complement each other, forming a broad portfolio of products in order to satisfy the various market requirements.

Located in London, we guarantee our clients a personalized service, reducing the gap between the European and the American Continent.

We acquire a long-term commitment with the wineries. This involves the sale of their products and the cooperation of our company in every movement related to positioning their brands and achieving the ecognition of the consumers.
The countries we focus are: United Kingdom, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Baltics.

In the United Kingdom we provide an even more comprehensive service due to our trading support to deepen business in the On Trade and the HORECA.


Juan Manuel Matas (Graduate in Business Administration. Master in finances, specialized in project development.)

He has worked twelve years in the food industry, with extensive experience in international trade. At the age of thirty-four, he decided to move to London along with his family in order to improve his knowledge by taking an EMBA Global. Born and raised in Mendoza, Argentina (Main wine production center of the country), Juan Manuel developed a passion for wine since its inception. This was the breaking point in his professional life and the emergence of a new idea: to start a new business enterprise, partnering with people in the wine sector and offering him the possibility to continue linked to his own roots.