Our Story

Our Story

About Us

Focused on bringing high-quality, terroir-driven wines from the most exciting wine regions in South America and Spain.

Our founders Juan and Celina decided to move abroad with their three young children. As a way of bringing with them something from Argentina, they founded GOURVID Wines. Being both from Mendoza, wine was an important part of their lives and winemakers friends.

Gourvid started as an Argentinean wines importer in 2016, expanding later to South American and since end of 2020, has improved their portfolio with Spanish wines.

Our Team

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Juan Manuel Matas

Founder | Strategy Advisor

Juan Manuel has been in contact with the wine industry for more than twelve years, with extensive experience in international trade. Born and raised in Mendoza, Argentina, he developed a passion for wine from his early childhood.

The breaking point in his professional life was when he arrived in London to take an EMBA and came up with the idea of starting a new business venture, importing wines from South America, partnering with people in the wine business while offering him the possibility to continue linked to his own roots.

“What I like about Gourvid is that whilst being in London it keeps us connected to our roots. We are very passionate about wines and we are lucky enough to being friends with most of our producers.”

Celina Giroldi

General Manager | Founder

Celina was also born in Mendoza, Argentina. Her background is in law, but when Juan and her moved to the UK in 2016, she started working full time in Gourvid as General Manager.

Like most Argentineans, Celina has always enjoyed wines and has also visited a variety of wineries from Mendoza, giving her a natural knowledge of it.

Celina is a mum of three boys and in her free time she enjoys running marathons, doing yoga, reading and travelling around the world.

Rafael Lijtman Gorella

National Account Manager

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Rafael brings a rich sum of professional experience from the worlds of music, design and communication. He loves deeply what he does and just as good wine requires care and time, he passionately dedicates the same variables to his daily work.

A curious mind and wine lover who thrives with challenges, he trained at London WSET before joining Gourvid at its early steps.
When not conducting wine tastings or visiting clients he takes pleasure in playing the guitar and visiting art galleries.

Irina Iliesei

New Business Developer

Born into a family of wine lovers, Irina has spent every autumn making wine with her father. That’s why the delicious sparkling rose, imbued with family values and respect, was a driving force when she made the decision to enter the wine industry.

With a creative background in media and fine arts, she is a self proclaimed cinephile that also enjoys travelling and photography.