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Our Portfolio

Our wines have been carefully sourced from small and medium-sized producers, focused on making high quality, terroir-driven wines from the most exciting wine regions in South America and Spain. We focus on artisan, single vineyard, small production, estate grown, eco friendly wines.

We work with producers from South America and Spain, each of them having a passion to make wines that express a unique story of their time and place on earth.


From the high altitude vineyards in the North, down through the aridity of Cuyo and the plains of Patagonia, to the new projects on the edge of the Atlantic, Argentine wines offer an endless range of flavours that reflect the identity of each region.


The first vines were brought to Brazil by the Portuguese in 1532, who planted them in the state of São Paulo. Jesuits brought Spanish vines to Rio Grande do Sul in 1626, which is where Lidio Carraro is based.

After the 1970’s, European investments brought in the know-how and modern equipment necessary for wine producers to make high-quality wines. Today, Brazil is one of the best winemaking countries of South America, along with Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.


Winemaking was established in Chile shortly after the Spanish settled there in the sixteenth century.

During the 1990’s enormous levels of investment in technology and expertise were leveraged to exploit this potential, resulting in a dramatic increase in quality and quantity.

We represent 3 producers from different growing areas in Chile.



With extremely varying climates, terroir and wine making traditions throughout the country, every wine region has something different to offer – from the warm red wines of Rioja to the sparkling Cava from Penedes.