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Corbeau Wines is the project of Rodríguez Family on their third generation of producers, represented by Francisco J. Rodríguez –Brand Manager- and Eduardo L. Rodríguez –Winemaker-. Is a whole new concept on the creation of products designed to satisfy a young, bold and discoverer audience.

The Winery is located in Mendoza Province, in the West of Argentina Republic, a prominent region for the agricultural crops, with worldwide acknowledgement. Our crops, located at the East of Mendoza, the full expression of local vines, a land full of constant contrasts between technology and natural landscape.

The arid lands and the desert dunes were conditioned for creating crops with a unique character that are nothing less than an homage to the noble traditional viticulture, along the wit and vanguard of the Oasis philosophy of Mendoza. Our wines are produced with grapes from our own vineyards, specially cared to leave our trademark in each member of the Corbeau Wines family. 874 acres in 4 vineyards with different soils, climates and grapes, allow us to create unique blends.


Mad Bird White Blend


Mad Bird Dark Malbec

2018 2017


Mad Bird Dark Blend


Mad Bird Malbec - Ancellotta


Suitable for Vegetarians

Suitable for Vegans

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