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Hilbing Gin was born in small stills of the Hilbing Franke family and their artisan distillery, with an ancient recipe of 140 years and the creative talent of Rolando Hilbing, Master Distiller.

Hilbing is a mixture of five fine natural botanicals that combine harmoniously in both aroma and the fresh, delicate flavour particular to Hilbing. A truly Argentine spirit created from a combination of fresh juniper from Patagonia, Malbec raisins, petals of wild roses from the ‘Piedmont of Mendoza’ area, toasted coriander seeds from the Pampas region and linden flowers of century old trees from Rolando’s Fathers’ house.

Lots of dried fruit character of raisins and citrus peel followed by sweet spices such as nutmeg, clove and cinnamon. This is a full bodied gin for the Malbec drinker who has everything. Fruity, smooth palate finishing with a spicy tang characteristic of a Malbec wine.


Hilbing Gin Malbec


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